J.P. Dutta the makers of successful war films like Border, LOC Kargil etc looks beyond the genre and is all set for something new.

J. P. Dutta to take a break from war epics

The Movie Moghul J. P. Dutta has been lying low since the debacle of his last war epic Paltan a year ago. However the maker of such war epics as Border and LOC Kargil is taking a break from the battle-front.

Speaking to this writer, J. P. Dutta says, “I’ve many stories of untold war heroes to tell. But those are right now in the process of being researched and also several permissions have to be taken from authorities. Making an authentic war film is not an easy task. War films will always be my favourite genre. But right now I am looking at three subjects which have nothing to do with war.”

Making his last war film Paltan was not a pleasant experience for J.P. Dutta. “I went through hell. Some day I will share the details of what I had to go through. But I am not discouraged or deterred. I’ve always been a fighter. I will continue making films on my own terms.”

Rumour has it that several members of the vast Paltan cast were less than co-operative.

J.P says, “I wouldn’t like to discuss what I went through. Let’s just say it wasn’t  a pleasant experience.”

Wishing J.P. Dutta all the very best for his next!!

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