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There are plans to honour Rishi Kapoor

Kapoor Family’s Plans For Rishi Kapoor Honour

Now that the grief at the loss of Rishi Kapoor is settling down, the question that a lot of industry folks are asking is, what is the family planning in the way of honour for the iconic star-actor? Is his brother Randhir Kapoor or any other member of the family planning anything major?

“Not Dabboo or any of his daughters (Karisma and Kareena). But Chintu’s wife Neetu , son Ranbir and daughter Riddhima will definitely do something major in Rishi’s honour,” says a close family friend.

A bio-pic, perhaps?

“Not a bio-pic, that won’t work. Who will play Rishi Kapoor? Nor Ranbir Kapoor, not after playing Sanjay Dutt (in Rauj Hirani’s Sanju) . No, a documentary showcasing Chintu’s journey is more like it. Right now there is nothing concrete, though. The family is too close to the tragedy,” says the family friend.

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