Katrina Kaif to do a Wonder Woman

Katrina Kaif  is India’s Gal  Gadot, Ali Abbas Zafar Confirms

With director Ali Abbas Zafar confirming that he will start a superhero film with Katrina Kaif in the lead after the lockdown, audiences can prepare for India’s own Wonder Woman.

Wonder why it took so long for Bollywood to cultivate its own Gal Gadot!

According to a source Ali and Katrina, best friends for many years, have been planning their superhero collaboration for many years now.

“Katrina has been urging Ali to develop his super-hero film with her in the lead, as no one had done a female super-hero film before.”

Says Ali Abbas Zafar, “It will be a full-on female action film. We’ve not seen that in Hindi cinema so far.”

While details of Katrina’s preparation for the part are yet to emerge, the one thing that we can reveal is that the film would have action sequences directed by an international team.

“The idea,” says Ali, “is to do a high-end super-hero film. Or not do it at all.”

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