Aditya Narayan is now a proud father of a baby girl. He shares his excitement with Subhash K Jha

Congratulation to you and your wife, Aditya?

Thank You, Sir. We’ve been blessed with a baby girl on 24 February.Shweta had to undergo a ‘C’ section. I was with her in the hospital for almost a week. Now we are back home.We need all your blessings.

How does it feel?

Laxmi ghar ayee hain. God is too kind. We have named our daughter Twisha.

Wah, who chose that name?

Me. I was the only one in the family rooting for a girl right from the start. Twisha is a Sanskrit word. It mean ‘Rays Of Light’. My father’s name Udit,my name Aditya and now my daughter Twisha are all light-related .Twisha is almost an anagram of my wife’s name Shweta. A lot of thought has gone into the naam-karan, Sir.

So how does it feel to be a father?

Sir bahot achcha lag raha. I’ve never felt this way before, so I don’t have a comparative emotion. It’s a mixture of excitement, nervousness, joy…. I don’t know if I’ve shared this with you. But on my 30th birthday I had a dream, which didn’t feel like a dream. It felt like a premonition.I saw this my wife Shweta in a hospital holding a baby girl. I went up to her as she smiled with the baby. I decided after that premonition to marry Shweta, the sooner the better.

Have you taken paternity leave?

Of course, Sir. Pehli baar zindagi mein do-teen show ko na keh diya. I am a little restlessness because the body is not used to being without work. I had some shows locked in for later, a few months from now. But I had decided to keep this period free for my child. Besides looking after Shweta and Twisha, we are also moving into our new home this month. I’ve to pretty much take care of all the shifting of home.Shweta is busy doing motherly things.

A happily hectic time for you?

It’s not been an easy time for me.I had Covid twice. In spite of that I was working non-stop.Now is my time to be home with my baby, to meditate

How has your father (singer Udit Narayan) reacted to his grand daughter?

Both my parents are very excited. Papa is elated. Actually it has not sunk in properly. Even when he came to see Twisha in the hospital he would look at her and then look away . After this aankh-micholi went on for 4 days I picked up Twisha and put her in Papa’s lap. They looked so cute together.

It sounds like a Sooraj Barjatya film?

Sir, Twisha is so lucky.She has grandmothers and great grandmothers in her life. I am so blessed to have all these wonderful women in my life.

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