Keerthy Suresh, the talented actress who has captured hearts with her exceptional performances in the South film industry, recently broke her silence and put an end to all the speculations related to her personal life. Social media was abuzz that Keerthy was all set to tie the knot with a mystery man.

The mystery man in question is none other than Keerthy’s good friend, Farhan Bin Liaquath. A recent photograph of the two friends together had sparked dating rumors, adding fuel to the speculations about her relationship status. However, Keerthy’s tweet has clarified that while Farhan is indeed a close friend, he is not the mystery man the media had been speculating about.

However, the actress has now broken her silence and put an end to all the speculations with a tweet that is both witty and candid. Responding to a news report that claimed she was about to marry ‘the mystery man,’ Keerthy wrote, “Hahaha!! Didn’t have to pull my dear friend, this time! I will reveal the actual mystery man whenever I have to. Take a chill pill until then! PS: Not once got it right.”

With this single tweet, Keerthy not only dismissed the rumors but also showcased her sense of humor. In the end, Keerthy’s tweet has not only put an end to the marriage rumors but has also left her fans eagerly anticipating the day when she decides to reveal the true identity of her mystery man.