Know the latest about RRR movie and why they intend to focus on Naatu Naatu song

On To The Oscar, RRR Team To Focus On Naatu Naatu

Winning in other categories is no longer a priority for the RRR team , as far as the forthcoming Oscars are concerned.

The team will now focus entirely on bringing home the Oscar for Best Original Song.

Says Keeravani, “The reason we are confident about winning the Oscar is not only the Golden Globe. I mean we know that the Golden Globe is seen as a precursor to the Oscar. However the reason we are confident is , because here in the USA, we can see the impact Naatu naatu has made on the global audience.”

Naatu naatu is the first Indian film song to get this kind of rousing welcome and embrace from the Western countries.The song is playing in clubs and pubs in the US and on radio channels which do not conventionally play Indian songs.

The team ,one hears is now going to focus entirely on the Oscar for Keeravani’s song and not spend time money or energy promoting RRR for the Oscars in other categories.