Karan Deol's debut movie teaser out

Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas teaser review : Arijit Singh’s voice gets more attention than Sunny Deol and his son

When the news of Sunny Deol launching his son Karan Deol came into the public domain, a lot was expected, naturally. After all, the Deol clan has given two superheroes to the Hindi film industry in the form of the original He-man of Bollywood, Dharmendra, aka Dharam paaji, and the evergreen macho-man with the 45-inch chest, Sunny Deol. What was even a bigger matter of discussion was the fact that Sunny Deol took the onus all upon himself to ensure his son Karan Deol has the ideal launch just like any other star kid. Two days back, Sunny Deol announced that the teaser will be available on 5th August.

However, today when the teaser dropped, it didn’t match up to the desired expectations. Although one might argue that it is just a teaser and hence the main trailer and the film is still left, but because it was about the launch of Karan Deol, the buzz is that there should have been more shots of him in the teaser. However, when one finds the teaser, they only see 1-2 shots of Karan Deol to probably keep the element of surprise going.

However, what came as a surprise was the fact that more than Karan Deol and Sunny Deol, it was Arijit Singh’s voice that primarily did the talking; the buzz was strong regarding his voice in the teaser song. Surely, Sunny wouldn’t have expected Arijit to steal the limelight from his son in the teaser but seems like the inevitable has already happened.

So, are you excited to watch Karan Deol in the project or just like other YouTubers whose comments revolve around Arijit’s voice, you too are more excited for Arijit’s album than the film? Share your views and comments below.

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