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Subhash K Jha talks about the ongoing friction between the Ranaut sisters and the Roshans

Ranaut Sisters and their liaison with the Roshans

If there is one affliction that the Roshans dread even more than the Coronavirus, it is being attacked by Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli. The unstoppable sisters made a comeback in Roshans’ life on Tuesday when Rangoli tweeted, “Yeh dekho Pappu ji, sara din mujhe impress karne mein laga rehta tha taki meri bahen ki good books mein aa jaye, aur aaj kehta hai hum aapke hain kaun.”

Rangoli also posted her picture ‘with Pappu ji’(Hrithik Roshan) in happier times.

Weirdly enough I got to speak to a prominent actor who shared information on the alleged Kangana –Hrithik liaison.

“There was definitely something between them. I’ve seen them together. And I very clearly saw them conversing for a long time at the Bachchans’ Diwali party. It was definitely not like two acquaintances meeting up. There’s no doubt there was something between them. Kangana and her sister were a hundred per cent not making up stories about Hrithik. Can’t say what happened between them afterwards. But they were friends for sure,” says the actor urging me to keep him “out of the mess”.

Friends of the Roshans would like us to believe the liaison is all in the Ranaut’s’ mind. In fact, Hrithik has gone to great lengths in the past to convince me that there was nothing between them, that its “all in her mind.”

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