Rajamouli’s RRR has created a wide rift between its two lead players Ram Charan and NTR Jr. It was felt, and not without reason, that Ram Charan had more footage and an extra-punchfilled role while NTR Jr was projected as Hanuman to Ram Charan’s Lord Rama act.

All three dramatis personae in this three-pronged drama have denied any differences. But insiders say the tension among the trio is brewing.

And Rajamouli isn’t making it any better. Recently at an event to monumentalize Ram Charan’s career , Rajamouli showered praise on the actor,proclaiming Ram Charan a “selfmade star”

Fans of NTR Jr are aghast. They are up in arms against Rajamouli for spreading lies. They demand to know by which yardstick Ram Charan is a self-made actor when he owes his stardom to his father the legendary Chiranjeevi.

“So okay. Ram Charan is a star in his own right now. But initially he was given a boost by audiences on the basis of his lineage.Fans of NTR Jr feel Rajamouli is pushing Ram Charan as the face of RRR at NTR Jr’s cost,” the source tells me.