Actor Sanya Malhotra has only grown from strength to strength after making her debut with the 2016 mega blockbuster, Dangal.

However, like so many budding actors, she recently went on to talk about a bad audition experience in a podcast with Uorfi Javed.

Malhotra mentioned that she still remembers a casting director asking her to undergo jaw reconstruction and initially felt surprised by it. She noted that there is no mention of such things now, but she believes she is perfect and exudes confidence. She admitted that her confidence can fluctuate at times, especially during periods, and revealed that she has endometriosis along with a cyst in her ovaries. Despite these challenges, she expressed confidence in her abilities, recalling how she used to attend auditions in Mumbai without hair and makeup, relying solely on her acting skills. Reflecting on her school days, she recalled having a moustache, which one boy made fun of. In response, she confidently retorted that he didn’t have one, showcasing her assertiveness even at a young age. She remained certain that she would become a heroine.

When asked if she faced any pushback from her parents, she mentioned that both her parents were quite supportive. Her mother had one condition: she had to complete her education first, including her post-graduation. Surprisingly, her father was even more encouraging. However, despite their support, her mother took her to at least three pandit jis, all of whom advised against pursuing acting, suggesting that it wasn’t the right path for her. They predicted that she would study economics and work in a bank. Sanya disagreed with this notion, asserting that it wasn’t feasible for her.

She has a packed lineup ahead ranging from films like Mrs. To Baby John, Sunny Sanskari Ki Tulsi Kumari, and Thug Life as well.