For days, Bollywood has been abuzz with rumors that Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal are getting married! But wait, there appears to be some drama brewing. According to Times Now, Sonakshi’s father, the actor  Shatrughan Sinha, recently revealed that he was unaware of her daughter’s wedding.

Sonakshi’s “Mama,” Pahlaj Nihalani, has said that Shatrughan is unhappy with her, but it will not last long. He also said that Shatrughan will attend the wedding. According to rumors, Sonakshi and Zaheer are rumored to be getting married on June 23, 2024.

Speaking with Times Now, Pahlaj Nihalani stated, “Ha, but he can’t remain upset for long, not with Sonakshi. She is his laadli. Shaadi nahin attend karne ka koi sawaal hi nahi paida hota. As Shatruji said to you, aaj kal he bachche inform karte hain, permission nahin lete. Why should he be upset if Sonakshi is marrying the boy of her choice? Shatruji himself married a girl of his choice forty years ago. Even I chose my own life partner when I married my wife. One should not have unrealistic expectations from one’s children.”