Good Newwz the new Akshay Kumar starrer seems to have failed in getting the bumper opening.

Shockingly low advance booking & opening  for Good Newwz

Bad news for the producer of Good Newwz. The film produced by Karan Johar and directed by debutant Raj Mehta didn’t have what is known in trade parlance as a ‘bumper opening.’

Quite the contrary, the advance bookings for Good Newwz were shocking low. So low that several multiplex chains were wondering if it would be advisable to reduce the number of shows from Friday.

“But replace those shows with what?” a representative from leading multiplex wonders. “It’s pretty clear that after Salman’s Dabangg 3 we are looking at another disappointment from another A-lister (Akshay Kumar). Most screens from Friday are devoted to Good Newwz. And since there are no other releases next Friday we’re looking at a dismal closure to 2019.”

The multiplex personnel observes it’s a dismal year-end for Bollywood. “Dabangg 2 is a big letdown and Good Newwz is looking like bad news at the box-office,” says the source.

A sad closure to what was otherwise another prosperous year for Bollywood.

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