After kuch hullabaloo surrounding their wedding and the build-up to it, actors Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal finally tied the knot on June 23, 2024 in a small intimate ceremony with close friends and family in attendance.

Now, after the noise surrounding it, the couple decided to jet away for their time off on their honeymoon. It is unclear which location is it but Sinha did go on to share a lovely mix of images and videos on her story which shows the perfect blend of everything on their honeymoon-

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As one can see, the first four images and videos are from a luxurious property they seem to have rented and are staying there which has their own private pool and a beautiful sunset to enjoy. In two of them, they can see being romantic with each other while enjoying the picturesque sunset and the pool.

In the next one, it is a hilarious video shared by them where Iqbal captioned and revealed how Sinha was about to shout at him but he made her laugh instead and called it, ‘husband hacks’. In the last image, the couple seems to have dressed up and out to explore where they are staying. Sinha made sure to have them pose in the mirror as she made a boomerang video on Instagram.

While Sinha and Iqbal got married a few days ago, the couple were dating each other for six years, and despite several public appearances together, they never publicly admitted to being together.