A recent report suggests that the Lawrence Bishnoi gang has requested an apology from Salman Khan regarding his involvement in the blackbuck poaching case. Devendra Budiya, the President of the All India Bishnoi Society, recently released a statement indicating that the Bollywood superstar’s apology would be taken into consideration if he expresses remorse.

“If Salman himself apologizes, the Bishnoi society will consider the apology. The mistake was not made by Somy Ali, but it was committed by Salman,” the Bishnoi gang leader told IANS.

He also went on to further the conditions of the apology saying, “He should propose to the Bishnoi society that he wants to apologize. He should come to the temple and seek forgiveness.”

He added, “He should further take an oath that he will never make such a mistake in the future and will always work to protect wildlife and conserve the environment. If he does this, a decision of the society to forgive him will be considered.”

As known, this comes in light of the gunfire shots that happened outside Khan’s home in Galaxy Apartment, Bandra.

For those unfamiliar with the case, Salman Khan faced accusations of hunting down Chinkaras at Bawad in Mathania near Jodhpur in September 1998 while filming his movie “Hum Saath Saath Hain.”

A complaint was lodged against the actor by members of the Bishnoi community, who hold blackbucks in reverence as the reincarnation of their spiritual leader, Bhagwan Jambeshwar, also known as Jambaji. Khan was arrested that same year but was later released on bail. Although acquitted by the Rajasthan High Court in July 2016, the Rajasthan government filed an appeal in the Supreme Court challenging this decision.