Sometimes speculative rumour-driven entertainment stories can be anything but entertaining for the party concerned.A seriously damaging report doing the rounds is that producer Namit Malhotra and director Nitesh Tiwari’s ambitious take on the Ramayan has been stalled due to a legal copyright-infringement issue.

However one of the actors from the show on condition of anonymity told us the truth. “Who says the shooting was halted? The shooting was not halted for even a day. In fact we are shooting as I speak to you. Ranbir Kapoor and Sai Pallavi and all of us are participating in the shooting right now.Who spreads these negative rumours , and why? What do they get out of it? Here we are trying to make something that would bring us global glory.Instead of encouraging us there are negative stories about the Ramayan everyday.”

Making the situation worse is that fact the producers (Yash, Namit Malhotra) are not issuing any official statements on the project.

“I’ve no clue why they are so quiet about the project. They should give some clarity on the project by now.Their silence is fuelling damaging rumours,” says the actor from Ramayan.