Rumi Jaffery On Sushant’s Father’s FIR

Let’s not speculate on Rhea’s guilt or non-guilt: Rumi Jaffery

Writer-director Rumi Jaffery who was close to both Sushant Singh Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty says the latest sudden development in the case has left him stunned and shocked.

“When I heard that Sushant’s father has filed an FIR in Patna against Rhea and her family, I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t sleep the whole night. Dil kehta hai yeh nahin ho sakta. But then I think of Sushant’s grieving father. He hasn’t spoken about the issue since his son’s death. Why would he suddenly speak up if it wasn’t the truth? I am very confused. I didn’t sleep the night after Sushant’s father’s FIR,” says Rumi.

Did Rumi ever see any tension between Sushant and Rhea? “I met them as an outsider. We spoke only about films. What goes on between a couple is known only to the two people in a relationship. I say, let the law take it course. Let’s not speculate on Rhea’s guilt or non-guilt.”

Shekhar Suman, a vocal supporter of the campaign to get justice for Sushant says, “The development was inevitable. Things were heating up. I was sure there would be a twist in the ongoing narrative. And here it is.”

Shehkar feels the Sushant case is spreading into many directions. “But the good thing is that that the clamour for a CBI investigation is louder than ever. Sushant’s father’s FIR could be the first major step towards getting justice for Sushant. Beyond that, it’s too premature to say anything.”

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