Ram Gopal Varmao on his biopic

If People Are Not Interested In My Bio-Pic, Let Them Not Watch It: Ram Gopal Varma

Does Ram Gopal ever give up? There is a new movie announcement virtually every other day. The latest being a 3-part biopic entitled Ramu.

It is amazing that he feels there are people out there interested in watching his life-story unfold on screen.

Ramu is very clear on his priorities. “If they are not interested let them not watch it. But the gentleman who is producing my 3-part bio-pic feels people are interested in my bio-pic. Not me. I am not interested in my story. But apparently others are. In that case, why not?”

Ramu will play himself in the third part of the bio-pic. “ In the first two parts of the three-part bio-pic new actors will play me. In the third part when my character is my age I will play myself.”

As brutally honest as ever, Ramu’s bio-pic will cover every aspect of his life including his much-talked-about association with Urmila Matondkar.

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