The Cutest Tiny Tot Ever, Taimur Ali Khan

We Can’t Stop Talking About Taimur Ali Khan. Here’s Why….

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor married and had a baby boy not too many years ago. He was named Taimur Ali Khan. Apparently, the tiny tot is the greatest thing that ever happened to our social media feeds. Whenever we see pictures of the little angel through various sources, we always get a baby fever. Fans and paparazzi do almost anything just to catch a glimpse of the little munchkin and he never fails to delight us.

The little boy has surely won all of our hearts over, ever since we first saw him. Every now and then, when we see pictures of him going out with his parents, we can’t help but continually awww at how beautiful the family looks together. The little munchkin has really cute features like his big round eyes, his hair that falls over in perfect waves, his plump pink lips and his chubby cheeks that we find so irresistible. It is not really a surprise to us. Especially, considering that his parents are two of the most good looking actors in Bollywood.

If pictures weren’t enough to give you a baby fever, here’s one of the shenanigans of the little boy that Saif told a source. Whenever a picture is being taken, little Taimur says khichik-khichik to imiatate the sound of the came flash like paparazzi do. How cute is that! A bit too early to start  the show business but we totally adore it.

We hope to see more of Taimur in the more years to come and wish for him good luck and health. Stay tuned with us for more such updates on your favourite celebs.

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