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Kiara Advani is helping us what to select for a new style wardrobe.

The complete Style Evolution of Kiara Advani

Not many know that Kiara’s real name is Alia. Born as Alia Advani, Advani changed her first name to Kiara prior to the release of her first film, Fugly. She said she was inspired by the movie Anjana Anjani where Priyanka Chopra’s character name was Kiara.

The impactful character of Preeti played by Kiara in Kabir Singh has made us a fan of her. That role is instilled in our heart. The innocent first year student to a bold girlfriend, the transformation was very startling.

Not only her characters and her roles took the transformation, but also her style has gotten so evolved through time. She has become a fashion icon. Her dresses and outfits are marvellous. Her great figure and physique can welcome any style with great perfection.

She can pull off any outfit with grace and that’s something we are all want to learn from her.

Check out her latest pictures where she has her style completed transformed and is looking hot as fire.

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