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Know the DIY skincare secret of Malaika Arora.

This DIY Skin Care Is The Secret Of Malaika Arora’s Glowing Skin, How To Use It

Malaika Arora is the gorgeous and well-known celebrity in B-town. She is the most popular actress who always shares her skincare routine and beauty secrets. The actress is also seen sharing it on her Instagram feed and also makes her fans happy. The actress has shared the secret recipe of her scrub which she uses for her skin and has glowing skin.

The recipe of Malaika is just amazing and makes your skin healthy and glowing. Malaika has made her homemade body scrub with the coffee. So all you require to do is mix the leftover coffee ground with some brown sugar and coconut oil and apply it to your skin as a scrub. This scrub helps to protect skin from sun damage and also keeps skin healthy. According to her, this is the easiest and amazing scrub which is good for the skin. She is the one who keeps the utmost care of her skin and pampers it a lot and has a healthy glowing skin. She always prefers to use DIY scrubs and masks for her skincare routine.

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