Yoga Guru Shilpa Shetty

Everything about Yoga Guru Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty is an eminent Indian actress, famous for her workout and yoga videos. She also shares the recipe of diet food on her YouTube channel. She believes that health is the most important thing. After her pregnancy, her weight was 80kgs and in 3 months she lost 21kgs of weight by dieting and workouts. Her toned figure is slaying in the Bollywood industry.

Yoga is the best practice that helps the person grow physically, mentally and spiritually. Yoga consists of bodily postures known as asanas. Shilpa is dedicated towards her fitness and yoga, and her dedication towards it is seen. Shilpa has been the real motivation for many youngsters and women out there. She also shares her asanas on her YouTube channel and many of her fans follow her and shower their love upon her. She is the real queen of fitness.

Shilpa is seen sharing her videos of yoga on social media frequently. Recently, she shared a video of her practicing yoga pose Parivrtta Parsvakonasana. This pose helps strengthen the chest, back, quadriceps and calf muscles. This also helps in indigestion, acidity, etc. Shilpa Shetty suggests that everyone should try out this particular yoga pose. From cutting down belly fat to improving digestion, this yoga asana is the best that one should try.

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