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Here we present super-awesome collection of Ranbir Kapoor's cars

Let’s take a look at Ranbir Kapoor’s car collection

Ranbir Kapoor loves two things and they are cars and football. He is crazy for cars and football. He said in one of his interviews that he aims to become a football coach after his retirement. He loves cars a lot and has a good collection of cars. He doesn’t have too many cars in his garage but he has five cars and they are awesome and expensive too.

His black color Range Rover Vogue is the most luxurious car around the globe. The cost of this car is around Rs 1.66 crore. This car is one of the favorite cars among Bollywood stars.
The next famous car of Ranbir is SUV, the Mercedes. The supercar of Ranbir is Audi R8 which in red color and it is one of the most popular sports cars. Another car of Ranbir is Audi A8 L which is white. The last car in Ranbir’s collection is Range Rover Sport. The number of his car is always in a single digit and that is number 8.

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