The Most Iconic Megan Fox's Makeup Looks From 2010 to 2022

Megan Fox’s Most Iconic Makeup Looks From 2010 To 2022

At the “Jonah Hex” Los Angeles Premiere in 2010

The accusations started to flow when Megan appeared on the red carpet looking remarkably . Although it’s possible that she used too much Botox at the time, the inflated appearance of her lips and cheeks could be attributed to fillers like Restylane. Botox does not increase volume. This was all the more stunning, given that she was only 24.

At the “Friends with Kids” Toronto premiere in 2011

Her lips now have a more natural appearance, although it appears that she may still have filler in her cheeks. She is beginning to soften her hair color in the meantime, and her overplucked brows are beginning to grow back.

At the ‘This Is 40’ Los Angeles Premiere in 2012

In 2012, Megan gave birth to the first of her three children, and just two months later, she came back on the red carpet. But, unlike other new mothers, she doesn’t appear to be lacking sleep; in fact, she appears more beautiful than ever.

During the 2013 Golden Globes

This is the most natural-looking appearance she has had over the years.

At the 2014 Ferrari 60th Anniversary in the USA Gala

Megan attended one more event following the birth of her second child before taking a lengthy break to concentrate on being a mother. By this time, she was 28 and had her original black hairstyle from when she was a teenager.

Return to the spotlight starting in 2021–2022

2021 on Instagram

During her break from performing, Megan occasionally posted on Instagram. Fans began noticing a different look, but it wasn’t until she and Machine Gun Kelly made their connection known.

At the Daily Front Row Fashion Awards in Los Angeles in 2022

I would have no reason to suspect you if you told me that this was Kim Kardashian.