IWMBuzz shows you top 7 cutest moments with Ahil on the occasion of his birthday

IN PHOTO: TOP 7 cutest moments of birthday-boy Ahil with his ‘Mamu Jaan’ Salman Khan

When it comes to love for children and kids, we all know Salman Khan’s love is unparalleled. The Bollywood megastar is known to be extremely caring and loving towards children and their needs. So it is only natural that when it comes to his own nephew Ahil, the love will know no limits.

Time and again, we see Salman Khan spending leisure quality time in his comfort zone with baby Ahil and every time we see it, the netizens certainly go aww. On the occasion of Ahil’s 4th birthday, we bring to you 7 of the cutest moments between Ahil and Salman Khan. Check out the photos below –

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