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Why We’re The Biggest Fans Of Kareena

All The Reasons We Love Kareena Kapoor

Kareena is known for doing all of her work with complete finesse. Be it being a great mom or acting amazingly in movies or taking the ramp as a model, she seems to have the game in the bag and we love that about her. This shows that she can be very versatile.

Apart from her versatility in different fields, the actress is also known for her versatility in the fashion field. Kareena can ace almost any outfit. We have already seen her in several movies and award shows carrying western outfits and killing it like no other. But when she chooses to wear an Indian or a traditional one, it’s a whole different ball game. She can wear clothes with light work as well as heavy work and carry them with with equal grace. Accessorizing those outfits is something we all should learn from the queen. She knows exactly where to wear heavy jewelry and where to keep it minimal.

Apart from this, we can also talk about her versatility in acting. She can ace roles that are complete opposites and yet make it look so natural. We have seen her playing bubbly roles in movies like Jab We Met and then switching to serious roles in movies like Kurbaan. How amazing is that? Maybe she truly is the ultimate queen of versatility.

We hope to see Kareena flourish in whichever field she chooses to prosper in and also to see her in action more often. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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