Rhea Kapoor styles amazing outfits for her sister Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor slays beautifully in Rhea Kapoor outfits

Sonam Kapoor and her sister have their own fashion label RHESON. Her sister Rhea Kapoor designs and styles amazing outfits for Sonam. Rhea is the reason behind Sonam’s red carpet look and her fabulous outfits. Both of them have the amazing fashion sense and they style it very beautifully.

Some of the outfits of Sonam which are styled by Rhea Kapoor are:

At Paris fashion week, Sonam wore three outfits that were designed by Rhea. All three outfits were
styled and designed amazingly. Recently, Sonam wore a white saree which was styled by Rhea and she was looking beautiful in that saree. She wore a long fluffy blouse on it. She was looking like a 90’s lady. Another outfit that she wore was a yellow kurti and a green jacket on it. She was looking gorgeous in that outfit. This outfit was also styled by her sister. She wore a white saree with silver border on it and she wore heavy jewelry on it. She was looking like a queen in that outfit. She wore a blue dress and a black turtleneck inner. She was looking fabulous in that outfit. Rhea’s outfits are very well designed and makes Sonam looks gorgeous in all those outfits. Rhea has styled and designed a lot of outfits for Sonam.

Check out some amazing pictures of Sonam in Rhea Kapoor’s styling and stay tuned to IWMbuzz.com

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