Salman Khan is one of the most prominent names in the Indian Entertainment world. The megastar enjoys a massive fan following across the nation and world owing to his larger-than-life screen presence, unmatchable charisma, swag, and attitude.

Salman Khan has had a remarkable career in both movies and television. He has been the sole ruler of the television industry with his blockbuster show ‘Bigg Boss’. In 2010, he made a grand entry as a host, and with his presence, he transformed the face of the reality show.

It was Salman Khan only who added star power to the show Bigg Boss and from 2010 to till now the show led the No.1 position with the highest TRP ever witnessed for any reality show.

Salman Khan’s entry had a huge impact on the show, making it a global success. The megastar hosted fourteen consecutive seasons, making it the most loved reality show in the nation. Recently, Bigg Boss 17 was another massive success that gained immense popularity and high TRP ratings thanks to Salman’s swag and charisma.

Salman Khan’s contribution to the global success of the show Bigg Boss cannot be denied. His signature style of hosting the show, managing the contestants, and mentoring them has endeared him to the audience. As a result, Bigg Boss has become synonymous with Salman Khan.

There is no denying the fact that Salman’s mega-stardom is well spread across the globe. Through his films, work, and persona, he has built a stardom for himself that is unparalleled.