Ever since the buzz about the documentary on the life of the veteran blockbuster screenwriter duo Salim–Javed started spreading, it has certainly justified that there can’t be anything grander than this. Bringing the story of these titans to the screen marks a landmark collaboration between Salman Khan Films, Tiger Baby, and Excel Entertainment. From introducing the character of the ‘Angry Young Man’ to changing the dynamics of entertainment with their iconic stories, as an audience, we have only been part of the entertainment revolution this superhit duo has brought. But now, the time has come for us to uncover the story behind it all and witness rare footage and things we have never seen before.

According to an independent industry source, “The documentary based on the life of the veteran screenwriter duo Salim–Javed will encapsulate rare footage that has never been seen before. From internal talks to behind-the-scenes pictures to interesting, unheard stories of their writing and creating iconic stories and characters, everything will be a part of this documentary.”

The documentary is definitely going to be the biggest one in the entertainment realm and will serve the audience with something that has never been seen before. The duo has a compelling story of their own, from how they came together to how they revolutionized the Indian entertainment landscape, and watching it all on the screen is surely going to be a treat in itself. Salman Khan, Zoya Akhtar, and Farhan Akhtar, under their production houses Salman Khan Films, Tiger Baby, and Excel Entertainment, are coming together to produce a documentary based on the life journey of this veteran duo. This collaboration is set to be a monumental project, promising a story that the nation will be eagerly excited to watch.