The time when Anushka Shetty reveals her first crush, who is none other than, Rahul Dravid, read

Anushka Shetty, the Baahubali actress left her fans amazed when she revealed her favourite cricketer’s name, that is, Rahul Dravid. While we always expect Dhoni, Tendulkar and Kohli to come when asked about the favourite cricketer, Rahul Dravid’s name left her fans all amazed.

However, truth to be told, it’s not Anushka Shetty’s whose crush’s been Rahul Dravid, but for all the ladies. The cricketer is not just one of the talented sportsmen in the country, but also has got a significant, sober style to make us go all awe!

When a fan asked Anushka Shetty about her favourite cricketer, she said, “Rahul Dravid is my favourite cricketer. Ever since I was growing up, I have had a crush on him. At one stage, I fell in love with him.” as stated in crictacker.

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