The Avengers returned this summer to pay their respects to the frontline workers…

Avengers are back and they are saluting the real heroes: Read More

The whole world is battling the coronavirus epidemic. In the meantime, the doctors are constantly working and putting their lives at risk. Along with the doctors, nurses, midwives, cleaning staff and all the frontline workers are giving their best services and are proving to be the real heroes during this pandemic. While people are advised to stay back home, these heroes assemble every day to give their service to vulnerable patients.

A picture surfaced on the internet where the frontline workers are seen walking through the hospital corridor while all the superheroes we know bowed down to them. The medical staff is equipped with superpowers i.e. the power to protect and cure people, just like our favourite superheroes do in the films. It is the rightful duty of every human being to pay our respects to all these fighters and thank them for their unceasing service to mankind in these difficult times.

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