Chris Evans has been named the Attractive Man of 2022. The former Captain America star has been bestowed with this title by the People’s Magazine issue for 2022.

Well, while we raise a toast for Chris Evans on this tremendous feat, we also look forward to seeing and knowing about his fitness secrets.

A report on talked about it and we take reference from that story for our write up here.

Chris Evans Proves He Is The Attractive Man Alive 796409

His secret diet includes Pesto Eggs that get cooked at home. He can cook a delicious plate of pesto eggs, which he uses pesto sauce.

His diet is rich in proteins, fruits, healthy fats, veggies and needed supplements. Evans loves to drink beer and claims that it is good for bones if we do consume it moderately.

Evan loves the shoulder exercises a lot. He is compliant and has invested in his goals towards fitness.

Do you like the amazing physique of Chris Evans?