Irrfan Khan’s son Babil Khan, who made his acting debut in 2022 with the Netflix film Qala as a promising singer, recently opened up about dealing with his father’s death in 2020. As per reports in Hindustan Times, the young actor spoke about how he was motivated to dive into acting after his father’s death in 2020 as he did not want to wait around anymore.

In an interview with the Qala team on Bollywood Bubble, Babil recalled, “When it first happened, the first day, I didn’t believe it. One week had passed and it hit then. And then I just went into a really bad spiral. I just locked myself in my room for one and a half months.”

Babil spoke about dealing with his father’s absence and added, “Back then he used to shoot so much that he’d be gone for a long shooting schedule. When it just happened, I had somehow convinced myself that he’ll come back after the shooting schedule. And then I slowly started realising that this is an indefinite shooting schedule. He’s not coming back. I just lost my best friend. It was devastating on a level that I can’t really put into words.” He later mentioned that his memory keeps him positive now.

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