Who is a better dancer Katrina Kaif Or Anushka Sharma?

Katrina Kaif Vs Anushka Sharma: Who Dances Better?

Katrina Kaif is known for her crazy dance moves. She has given many hit songs and she has stunned everyone with her dance moves. She is a fabulous dancer. She is known for item songs too and people go crazy for her sexy dance moves. She has a well-toned figure which makes her look hot and sexy. She is a belly dancer too and she took training for belly dancing and has performed it in her songs. She is the most beautiful and leading actress in Bollywood.

Anushka Sharma is a fabulous actress in Bollywood. She has done many hit films and is famous for her acting and beautiful looks. Anushka has amazed us with her dance moves in her songs. In some movies, she has made appearances in songs and has given killer dance moves. She grabs the attention of millions of people through her amazing performances. She is a model too and has started her career by modeling. She has performed various roles in her movies.

Who do you think is a better dancer – Katrina Kaif Or Anushka Sharma?

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