R Madhavan opened up about Shah Rukh Khan’s role in Rocketry.

Me Role Karna Chahtha Hu: R Madhavan Opens Up On Being Emotional While Talking About Rocketry Movie With Shah Rukh Khan

Actor R Madhavan, who turned writer, producer and director for film Rocketry: The Nambi Effect. He recently opened up about Shah Rukh Khan’s role in Rocketry. He said, “Khan sahab is a legend, and I don’t dare say that I have a friendship with him. I am an admirer of his work and it will be too presumptuous of us to say that we are friends. We are not. I am just a huge fan of this man, and I think he is one of the nicest guys in the industry. I talked to him about this film (Rocketry) when I was doing Zero.”

Later, he said, ‘You keep doing nice, different stuff. It is good to see somebody like you. You are pretty brave.’ And when I went to his birthday party, he said, ‘Maddy, I remember that script, and I want to do a role in that movie.’ I said, ‘I am so glad that you remember. Thank you.’ But he said, ‘No no, I am serious. Give me a passing role in the background, but I want to be a part of that film. I told him, ‘I am glad. You are too kind.’ My wife Sarita was laughing, and he was like, ‘I am serious. I want to do it.’ So, I was like fine, and then we left.”

Two days later, Sarita asked me to call Shah Rukh Khan and thank him for remembering the script. So, I sent a message to his assistant, not even to Khan sahab. She called back and said that SRK was serious and that he really wants to do the film. I told her, ‘Don’t do this. I will start having expectations and stuff.’ But she emphasised that he was serious.” Check below!