Valentine’s Day has come and gone. And so are the expressions and emotions of celebrities in public display. Every individual wishes and celebrates this special day in a unique style. And on this day, comes out secrets about the love life of a person. And this is exactly what Radhika Madan has confided in her fans on Valentine’s Day. She is seen adoring the special person in her life, and poses cutely with him.

Well, before you jump up in the air and build castles, let us tell you that Radhika did pose with her forever Valentine, and that happened to be the camera.

Radhika’s love for the camera is outstanding and this cute picture of her embracing the camera and kissing it speaks volumes.

Truly performing is an art, and the love for the camera is said to be an attribute that every performer has. And Radhika is displaying this love that she has for the camera right here.

Check the pictures.

Radhika Madan Poses With Her Forever Valentine; Check Here 772526

Radhika Madan Poses With Her Forever Valentine; Check Here 772527

Picture Courtesy: Instagram

Well, Radhika’s love for her art is very much visible here.