Sonakshi Sinha is one of the prettiest and most loved actresses in the Hindi entertainment industry in today’s time. The actress started her career in movies in the year 2010 and from there onwards, she has seen phenomenal growth in her career. Despite being blessed with an opportunity in B-Town courtesy of her family background, she has certainly done a good job to ensure that she gets a successful career. Right now, as per media reports, she’s in a happy personal space with her boyfriend Zaheer Iqbal as well as her professional life.

Sonakshi is one actress who’s always been excited and fascinated with the concept of festivals and no wonder that with Ganesh Chaturthi being around the corner, she’s right now seen expressing her excitement for the festival. Well, do you want to get a sneak-peek into the kind of outfits she will wear there? Take a look below –

View Instagram Post 1: Sonakshi Sinha is super excited for Ganesh Chaturthi, shares sneak-peek into exotic outfit collection for festival

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