Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel’s Gadar 2 is buzzing in headlines due to the massive craze among the audience and the whopping box office collection of 263.48 crores. It is the sequel to the film Gadar: Ek Prem Katha in 2001. Tara Singh and Sakina’s love story gained massive love, but do you know that this love is based on the true life of soldier Buta Singh?

Buta Singh was a member of the British Army who fought in Burma during World War 2 for Lord Mountbatten. During the partition, he came back to his village. In the film you have seen, Sakina was supposed to go to Pakistan, but somehow she couldn’t and then met Tara Singh. Similarly, Zainab couldn’t go to Pakistan. Unlike in the film, Zainab and Buta didn’t meet in the railway station but in a field.

Zainab came to Buta to ask for help as some people were harassing her. Buta Singh somehow managed to help her and got her out of trouble. Zainab had no place to go, so Buta Singh kept her in his house, and that was when villagers started to object to her stay. They said rather she should be sent to a refugee camp or she should be married. There was a huge gap between Zainab and Buta Singh. Then Buta decided to go get her married and also invested to send her back to Pakistan.

Knowing all these things, Zainab started to like Buta. And then, she expressed her desire to marry him. After their marriage, the duo had a daughter name, Tanveer. But their love story ended tragically as the government sent Zainab back to Pakistan, so Buta had to sell his house and go to Pakistan. In Pakistan, Buta was jailed for illegally entering the country. But he would have been saved if Zainab had come to identify him. Under the pressure of her family, Zainab did not do so, and she left him. Buta couldn’t endure the pain anymore and committed suicide.

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