Does A.R. Rahman requires an introduction? He has 6 National Awards, 16 Filmfare Awards, 2 Academy Awards, 1 BAFTA, and Golden Globe Award each. This list is still not even half in terms of his achievement. He has marked India’s name on the World Map. He is a Music composer, songwriter, record producer, and singer as well. He creates magic whenever he creates music.

Rahman’s career started in 1992 with the film Roja. He mostly works in the Hindi and Tamil film industry. In 2008, he received Academy Awards for the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire.’ He has always received positive responses from his critics and has always made his fans and audience go gaga with his melodies.

We as a fan cannot think of A.R. Rahman doing anything wrong or taking advice from anybody, but still, there was a time that people used to advise Rahman. Famous Film Director Subhash Ghai once advised A.R. Rahman. He still remembers it and while speaking about that incident as published by, he said “If you don’t learn the language, you cannot compose.” He further added to it “Earlier, I used to think that my music would survive anywhere… but after his advice, I started learning Hindi, reading couplets and poems in Urdu.”

Subhash and Rahman have collaborated on numerous occasions. This incident is related to when two legends collaborated for the film TAAL which remains one of the biggest hits of Rahman’s career. Subhash also gave value to the importance of language to A.R. Rahman.