Arijit Singh’s performance fee will knock your senses off. Read below to know

Is Arijit Singh Charging 1.5 crore for a 45 minute to one-hour LIVE performance?

The one singer to have been currently ruling the music industry with his voice is none other than Arijit Singh known for his different shades. He is the one to be known as a romantic king for his love songs as well as the king of heartbreak tracks. And not to forget his party numbers are an all-nighter.

Arijit Singh today has come a long way through a struggling path and has conquered the pinnacle of success becoming the king and most amazing voice of today’s music. He is a master of romantic songs as well as the perfect party brewer with his energetic vocals also not to forget the perfect moving on machine after heartbreak listening to him sing.

Arijit Singh is the one who sings from his heart and has been loved by every soul. He has won the hearts of us all with his melodic voice, something we can’t resist. And that is indeed true he has changed his charges and now is charging for forty-five minutes to one hour for a sum of 1.5cr as per reports in the media. Yeah, something that will pop your eyes off the socket!

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