Arijit Singh recently found himself at the center of disappointment and backlash from fans when it was announced that he would be singing the remade version of the popular Pakistani hit “Pasoori” for the upcoming movie “Satyaprem Ki Katha.” However, Arijit took to Twitter to address the situation and shed light on his decision.

Arijit Singh did it for a charity

In his tweet, Arijit clarified that he had chosen to take on the song as a means of supporting a charity cause. While he acknowledged the disappointment expressed by fans, he wanted to emphasize that his intention behind singing the remade version was driven by a desire to contribute to a charitable initiative.

The revelation of Arijit’s charitable motive added a new perspective to the controversy surrounding his involvement in the remade song. It showcased his commitment to using his talent and platform to make a positive impact on society.

Talking about it, Arijit Singh said, “The maker has promised me a yearly fund for a school for underprivileged.” In another tweet he added, “The maker has promised me a yearly fund for a school for under privileged. That’s more important. Thode gaali kha lenge (I’m fine with a few criticisms).” As quoted by Hindustan Times.

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The singer also spoke about propaganda, saying, “We as music lovers don’t want to see people bringing down an artist. Understand this is all propaganda. Industry makes and breaks an artist as per their convenience. We fight because they want us to,”