In an exclusive conversation with, Lisa Mishra speaks about her new show 1,2,3… Riyaaz and more

Beyoncé, Arijit Singh and Justin Bieber are my favourite singers: Lisa Mishra

Globally popular social singing app Smule and India’s largest women’s lifestyle brand- iDiva have recently announced “1,2,3… Riyaaz”, India’s first-ever digital-only music reality show that has been designed to give fresh local talents a chance at stardom.

Pop heartthrob Jassie Gill, ‘Tareefan’ sensation Lisa Mishra and the face of iDiva, Kusha Kapila are now rallying Smule users to participate in musical challenges that could win them a chance to feature with the three mentors in an original music video.

Singer and mentor Lisa Mishra was herself ‘discovered’ on the Internet, it is now the time for celebutantes to leverage the strength of the internet and make participating in the music industry much more democratic.

In an exclusive conversation with, Lisa speaks about her new show and more… Excerpts

What will be new in reality show 1 2 3 Riyaaz?

There is no concept like this in reality shows in the market. It is a great thing. There is also great untapped talent that never gets that opportunity to be seen. This is a new way forward.

On what criteria will you judge the contestants?

I am a musician so musicality will be important for me. I do take singing seriously as it is a great passion of my life. I want to hear people, whose voice really shines. I also want people to feel connected with what they are singing. I want them to truly perform from their heart.

How has your journey been so far?

My journey so far has been nothing sort of a dream. This show is directly parallel to my life as I was discovered as an online talent as well. My journey can be a participant’s journey too. My journey doesn’t change my relationship with music which is going stronger with each passing day. I am much more into music because I have more time and concentration to pour into this.

Who is your inspiration in life?

The inspiration in my life is the woman who discovered me Rhea Kapoor. She is a multitalented woman. She is the most respected stylist in the country. She is a great producer. She is a wonderful source of talent. All the music in her films have been a success because she is good at sourcing new talent. She is an incredibly kind and generous person.

Who is your favourite singer?

My favourite singer is Beyoncé, who I grew up watching too and learnt how to sing from her. Arijit Singh and Justin Bieber are also my favourites and they are an inspiration too.

What is your take on old songs’ remix and remake?

I like it when we can make a remix that offers something new. I want to see to it that we take fresh take on old songs. I also love the remix of a classic. Hearing a fresh take on these cult songs is beloved and is always fun to me. I did few and they became the most successful songs of my career too. So I am fine with them.

Any other projects?

Currently, my focus is on my next single. I am excited about people who will hear it.  I have sung this in a completely new way. It is a powerful song. It would tell a beautiful story and I hope audiences like it.

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