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Times when BTS Jung kook Cried!

When BTS Jungkook Cried

The BTS boys are now enjoying their incredible success. What they have achieved today was not that easy. The equal contributions of each member and their immense talent have raised them to such great heights. The BTS group is now the leading group among the K-Pop band groups. The BTS boys have all made their dream come true with hard work. One of the seven boys, Jungkook is always in our minds for his all-time cheerful attitude and that adorable little smile.

Jungkook has won millions of hearts with his talent. He is now considered as a true fashion inspiration. Jungkook is indeed so hot and handsome. He has got a million girls crushing over him.

But do you know, Jungkook is very emotional and doesn’t like to hold on to his tears. Be it on stage or chilling with his BTS group mates, Jungkook has been captured during his emotional breakdown.

One of the times when Jungkook cried was when he was missing his mother, and that was one of the sweetest things about him. Jungkook has been attached with a different bond with his mother. He has always seen his mother as his best friend. He told everyone about how tightly he held his mother during his graduation day.

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