If the world’s best-dressed guys have taught us anything, it’s that what you wear in transportation is just as essential as what you wear once you arrive. Obviously, you don’t have paparazzi following you around, but personal style isn’t only for the cameras. Airport fashion is the greatest and most fashionable style these days. Take a cue from BTS Jungkook and dress like a badass for the airport fashion and sport the look.

Jungkook of BTS (also known as ‘The Golden Maknae’) is the e-boy aesthetic king. Jungkook can pull off the most formal or most unhinged style with ease, wearing dark co-ords, bucket hats, tattoo sleeves with the Nirvana motto “Better be dead than cool,” and piercings.

In comparison to the rest of the BTS members, the maknae’s personal style is more relaxed. He favors relaxed, monochrome aesthetics to exaggerated, flamboyant appearances. Despite his basic selections, the hero has an appealing charm and frequently sells out of everything, from toothpaste and fabric softeners to LV coats and Prada stompers.

Jungkook’s reluctance to sacrifice his comfort, especially when it comes to his outfits, while yet standing out from the crowd is reflected in his airport looks, which frequently make him the talk of the town.

We’ve compiled a list of Jungkook’s five finest airport appearances that threw ARMYs into a frenzy.

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Check Out: BTS Jungkook's Airport Fashion That Screams Attention 787675