Fans have been enthralled by Katy Perry’s new Pokemon-themed song thanks to her captivating performance next to Pikachu. Many admirers of the artist are already raving about the single, “Electric,” which was produced in association with the Pokemon Company of Japan.

“Wildest Dream”

This 2015 song, which was featured on the soundtrack for the film 50 Shades of Grey, has a modest but important position in pop culture history. This could be a great option if you’re thinking about making your own list of your favorite Taylor Swift songs because it has remained popular with fans throughout time.

“Up At Night”

The R&B singer’s sensual new Justin Bieber collaboration, “Up at Night,” finds the two throwing it back to the 1990s lyrics about being in love and under the covers are exchanged in a fun manner.

Sigrid’s Sucker Punch

The explosive hooks and anthem-like choruses on Sigrid’s electrifying debut album, “Sucker Punch,” could soothe even the most devastation-inducing heartbreak. It was easily our most-played album of the year.


The most excellent and possibly attractive song Harry has ever recorded is “Cinema,” which is also on his album Harry’s House. Everything in “Cinema” is hypnotic, from the assurance of Harry’s vocals to his delivery of “It’s you” at the outset of each stanza.