Have a look at this hilarious instance.

Seungkwan and Jeonghan of SEVENTEEN never failed to make people laugh with their jokes, as evidenced by an unanticipated event that had everyone laughing.

To recreate their first victory, the members worked hard to ensure that all of the details were correct. Jeonghan wore a wig back then since he had long hair. Seungkwan couldn’t help himself from imitating their joy and snatching Jeonghan’s wig off his head.

The people in the group laughed out loud because it was so unexpected.

DK and Jeonghan added to the hilarity by reaching for the wig to retrieve it.

With Mingyu’s laughter in the background, Jeonghan kept his calm by retrieving the wig and putting it back on his head while remaining in character.

They laughed just as hard when they rewatched the scene together as they did when it happened. Take a look at Seungkwan, who is bouncing around with his wig in his hand.

When they saw Jeonghan put the wig back on top of his head, none of them could keep a straight expression.

SEVENTEEN was born to be entertaining after seeing their hilarious reactions as it happened and while rewatching the scene.

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