Know more about Jungkook's secret lifestyle

Jungkook and his secret lifestyle REVEALED

The popularity and fame of Jeon Jung-kook in the world of K-pop is such that he can very easily be regarded as the ‘Michael Jackson of South Korea’. Just like Jackson, Jungkook too is a fantastic on-stage performer and be it getting the rhythm and the beats right while singing or getting the dance steps with perfection while having his dancing shoes on, Jungkook is a rockstar. His art and talent have earned him a battalion of fans all around the world and they can go to any extent for their favourite Jungkook. While you all might be thinking that you know everything about Jungkook, the reality is slightly different. So today, we tell you some unknown facts about Jungkook’s lifestyle.

As per the,

Jungkook currently lives with his father, mother and elder brother, Jung Hyun.

Apart from singing, he loves drawing and outdoor sports, especially soccer.

Jungkook’s favourite meal is banana milk and his favourite Avenger is Iron Man.

Jungkook has an astonishing net worth of $8M as per 2020

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