Katy Perry, one of the leading when it comes to music and ‘bold’, has now set up her internet on fire with her grand collaboration with the brand ‘About You’. About You is a German retailer brand, and Katy Perry, nonetheless gets on her astounding style statements with the classic collab with the brand, leading on with her best fashion staples forward.

The range looked to contain a brown leather cocktail dress featuring hems and a draped torso, in addition to a leopard-printed bodycon silhouette with a split neckline. In her video, she showed a textured azure turquoise and sheer black leather suit, as well as a pearlescent white crystal-trimmed minidress.

Perry further demonstrated her versatility while relaxing on a settee, training out, and trekking with skis in an open pool, all while wearing flexible metal gear and hosiery.

Sharing the video, Katy Perry wrote, “#KatyPerryAboutYou capsule is my little twist on classics for fall! ?? Shop these @aboutyou and see which @katyperrycollections ??? i pair them with whydontcha”

Here take a look-

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