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Kishore Kumar a guy filled with all the right stuff

Kishore Kumar is a man of many avatars

When you hear the name Kishore Kumar, what is the first thing to pop in your head? A singer or an actor. Many of us fondly recall him as the legendary singer of all time. He was a guy who could ace in singing, both masculinity and feminine voices. He was the king of emotions. The guy could get you laughing to crying with his songs. He had the magic in him.

But the Kishore Kumar we know was something more than just a singer. He was a bubbly personality and master of jokes. With the help of his brother Ashok Kumar, he got into acting. And was a comic actor. He made us all laugh with his funny acting and so was Mr. Funnybones. We might fondly remember him for his role in Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi. Or some of his comic songs.

Well, there was even more than that. Kishore Kumar was not just an amazing actor or an incredible singer but he had other avatars of his. From being a composer, filmmaker, editor, scriptwriter to even songwriter, the guy was a full package of skills.

Over the years he connected beautifully with his audience. And he managed to win their hearts. A guy with many feathers to his hat, surely Kishore Kumar was something else and there will be no other like him.

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