Arijit Singh is not just an amazing singer but also known for his philanthropic work

All You Need To Know About Arijit Singh’s NGO “Let There Be Light”

Talking about Arijit Singh he is not just an amazing singer but also a softie at heart. We all are well aware of his amazing heavenly vocals that let us get lost into the abyss.

Arijit Singh the king of today’s music industry is a living legend. His voice has become a necessity be it a romantic song or a party anthem there has to be Arijit Singh in every playlist. He is one of the best versatile singers of today’s era. He knows perfectly well how to have a balance of emotions in his every song and so they become a major hit.

Arijit Singh has monopolized the industry with his romantic, party and sad songs. He has a magical shade and power to his voice. A balance of every emotion and feelings that could transfer the song in your hearts.

But did you know that Arijit Singh is also a part of and has done several philanthropic works? One such very well known of his works is him being a part of Let There Be Light an NGO that works for below poverty line people. He always takes time out of his busy schedule and supports the people by serving them in all ways possible. Truly and inspiration for many.

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