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Know all details about Suga's shoulder surgery

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW About BTS Suga’s Shoulder Surgery Update

The BTS boyband is currently the most popular boyband in the world at the moment and the reason why they are right on the top is because of the team work and mutual respect they have shown for each other’s work. One such indispensable member of the BTS squad is Suga aka Min Yoon-gi who’s quite a favourite of the masses.

But unfortunately readers, Suga recently got a shoulder surgery done due to which he won’t be reportedly part of the next BTS schedule for some time now. So why exactly did Suga get a shoulder surgery done?

Well, reports in suggest that Suga had to undergo a shoulder surgery after he was diagnosed with a torn shoulder labrum. Reports also suggest that he had a dislocated shoulder in the year 2013 as well.

Well readers, all we can say is we are happy that Suga is now fit and fine and recovering well. We wish him super speedy recovery going forward. For more updates, stay tuned to

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